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A Naturopaths view on dairy consumption

Why is it that so many people are instructed by Naturopaths to limit dairy consumption? The problem with cows milk is not the fat. And the lactose ( a milk sugar) is only part of the problem. The problem with cow’s milk has to do with the protein it contains- particularly the casein. Our digestive […]

Knee injury- how your chiropractor can help

Your chiropractor could be the solution to that knee problem that just won’t go away. The knee is a relatively simple joint which is primarily designed to flex and extend, a bit like a door hinge. Other movements are possible but only within the smallest of degrees. On the other hand joints of the spine, […]

Injury prevention and sports performance – Sydney chiropractor Andrew Richards discusses

Seeing your chiropractor is well known for its benefits treating spinal pain and injury. What is not as well known is that chiropractors receive extensive training in peripheral orthopaedics (all the other joints of the body other than the spine) and exercise based rehabilitation giving us a global scope to manage athletes in terms of […]

Tendonitis – Sydney Chiropractor Andrew Richards discusses

Chiropractors receive extensive training in the assessment and treatment tendon injuries. Tendonitis is a condition in which a tendon is injured and becomes inflamed.

Juicing or Blending – which is better?

Juicing or blending- which is better?  There are a lot of opinions out there on whether juicing or blending is better, which fruits and veggies should be used for each option and which method is healthier. While at the end of the day both methods are a great way to increase your daily nutritional intake, […]

Chiropractic neck adjustments – are they safe?

Questions and concerns about chiropractic safety is something that we need to address on a daily basis. As with any form of medical intervention there are risks that consenting clients need to be made aware of before choosing to proceed with care. Chiropractic has undergone its fair degree of scrutiny over the years, a large […]