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Juicing or Blending – which is better?

Juicing or blending- which is better?  There are a lot of opinions out there on whether juicing or blending is better, which fruits and veggies should be used for each option and which method is healthier. While at the end of the day both methods are a great way to increase your daily nutritional intake, […]

Chiropractic neck adjustments – are they safe?

Questions and concerns about chiropractic safety is something that we need to address on a daily basis. As with any form of medical intervention there are risks that consenting clients need to be made aware of before choosing to proceed with care. Chiropractic has undergone its fair degree of scrutiny over the years, a large […]

Bloating – the top 10 causes

Bloating is one of the most common complaints that I get from my patients. For many people being bloated and uncomfortable is part of everyday life. This is not normal. Bloating is a sign that something is wrong and that your digestive system is not coping well. There is usually 2 different forms of bloating […]

Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are of the most common complaints we see in the practice. Researchers aren’t sure what causes a migraine; although they know it involves changes in the blood flow in the brain. At first, blood vessels narrow or constrict, reducing blood flow and leading to visual disturbances, difficulty speaking, weakness, numbness, or tingling sensation […]

Spinal disc herniation – “Slipped disc”

A spinal disc herniation is commonly referred to as a “slipped disc”. This description is quite misleading though as the disc cannot actually slip out of place! The disc is actually fused together with the vertebrae on either side. A spinal disc can be squeezed, stretched and twisted in small degrees. It can also be […]

How many chiropractic adjustments does it take?

To understand how often chiropractic adjustments are required I am going to make a comparison. This may seem like an unlikely one at first, especially given the philosophical and practical differences between the Western medical approach to health care and the wholistic/vitalistic approach we take as chiropractors so let me explain.