How to beat the holiday season bloat

bloatingOverindulging goes hand in hand with the holiday season as we are bombarded with social events, dinners and family functions. And while this is what makes the holiday season so much fun, many of my patients spend the time feeling bloated and uncomfortable due to eating too much. It is easy to feel like we have lost control over our food intake. Increased alcohol, larger portions than what we are used to, multiple courses and sugary desserts can all combine to create digestive hell! Read more

The top 10 benefits of eating organic food

??Many of us are aware that organic produce is a better choice, but do you know all the benefits? There is much more to organic food than simply being free from chemicals. A recent study published by the British Journal of Nutrition found that organic fruit and vegetables have up to 6 times the level of antioxidants than conventional produce. This is thought to be because many antioxidant compounds are phytochemicals (plant based chemicals) that are involved in the plants own defense system. Without chemical pesticides, the plant has to work harder to protect itself and therefore becomes more nutritious for us! So yes, organic food actually is higher in nutrients and therefore better for your health.

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Sports nutrition and meal timing

eat healthy!Sports nutrition is a very well researched area and there are very specific ways in which you can change your diet and food timing to improve performance. Nutrition is vital for all areas of health but especially when it comes to improving your physical goals. Much of the guidelines for sports nutrition come to the timing of your food and exercise.  Here are a few important rules that can be followed to improve your sports performance. Read more

Stool analysis – What is in your toilet can provide the clue to your better health.

toiletA stool analysis might not sound like a pleasant thing to do, however it can give us so much important information about you. There is only so much to be gained from discussing ones symptoms- a more comprehensive and objective approach is often needed to determine exactly what needs to be addressed to restore your health. A comprehensive digestive stool analysis (CDSA) is what we call a functional diagnostic test. This means we don’t just use it to diagnose a condition but to determine how various aspects of your digestive system are functioning. The test will determine if there are any ‘bad bugs’ hanging around- whether it be a bacterial infection, yeast infection or parasite. It will diagnose exactly what type of bug you have which ultimately determines the treatment approach.  Different parasites, yeasts or bacteria need different treatments in order to kill them off and not knowing exactly what bugs are present makes it difficult to treat. Read more

Detox – what you need to know before having a go

detox-imageGoing on a detox is all the rage at the moment and with so many pill, potions and programs available it can be hard to tell the good from the bad. There is juice fasting, vegetable broth detox’s, gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free and wholefood based plans. There are now even various detoxification companies who will deliver your meals for your detox program (and some are pretty good!). You can buy detox kits and as always there are literally thousands of detox supplements available.  So how do you find the right solution for you? Read more

Soup recipes for winter – Naturopath Hayley Stockbridge shares her favourites

Hayley Stockbridge Better Health Naturopath

Hayley Stockbridge

Better Health

Winter is here! I feel like it turned from beach weather to winter very quickly this year, and as the temperature changes our food preferences will also change. Salads and light dinners don’t cut it anymore. Most will feel hungrier as our body looks for dense foods to warm us up.

Winter also makes it easier to cook in bulk. Casseroles, stews, soups all freeze well and can make for an easy week night meal if you are prepared and have made plenty leftover to freeze. Eating healthy can be time consuming and so I encourage you to make life easier by cooking in batches. All it takes is a little inspiration! This week’s newsletter is full of warming dinner ideas to get you and your family through winter.

A few of my favourite soup recipes are at the end. Read more

Detox your pantry – How to stock a whole food pantry

whole foodsHaving a pantry full of healthy, whole food ingredients is essential for maintaining a healthy diet. It is simply impossible to cook healthy without the ingredients on hand. A whole food pantry needs to be organized well to ensure nothing goes to waste. Yes, setting up your wholefood pantry can be time consuming and costly at first, but it will lead you to be much more creative and experimental with your food. Read more

Surviving the silly season: Sydney Naturopath Hayley Stockbridge discusses

officechristmaspartyChristmas is an indulgent time when we often drink too much alcohol, eat too much food, have too many late nights and do too little of the good stuff such as exercise.  I know that my Christmas day generally consists of huge meals with different parts of the family (last year included 2 lunches!). However there’s no reason why Christmas day needs to be an unhealthy one. Read more

Top 10 inflammatory foods to avoid

 The feeling of pain is your body’s way of telling you that there is inflammation present. Inflammation is associated with the classic symptoms of pain, redness, heat and swelling. It frequently accompanies injury and tissue trauma, such as sprains, strains, cuts and stings. However, what you may not realise is that inflammation can be a contributing factor to many health conditions and is a key component in the joint pain of arthritis, back pain and muscular aches, digestive disorders such inflammatory bowel disease, period pain, and many types of headaches. It is implicated in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s and most chronic health issues. This means that not only does reducing inflammation help you to feel better, but it improves your overall health and reduces risk of disease. This is where inflammatory foods need to be eliminated. Read more

Rethinking breakfast – Sydney Naturopath Hayley Stockbridge discusses

Thinking outside of the cereal box

 The ‘Standard Australian diet’ (SAD)  usually consist of cereal for breakfast. And why not? Its an easy and quick breakfast option- all we need to do is add milk. Clever marketing means that many have the mistaken belief that it is a healthy option. ‘High fibre’, ‘wholegrain’, ‘nutrient rich’, ‘high protein’ are common claims made on the label. Often the boxes depict pictures of healthy and sporty people. Perfect breakfast for someone interested in their health right? Read more