Laura Montgomery (nee Garnett)

B.Chiro.Sc M.Chiroprac

Dr. Laura Montgomery is a board certified Chiropractor, who graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney. She was awarded the ‘Chiropractic Education of Australia Prize for Academic Proficiency’ and the ‘Sports Chiropractic Australia Graduate Prize’ upon completion of her Masters of Chiropractic degree in 2012. Laura has been and still is teaching skills technique to the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science students at MQ since her final year.

Laura became interested in preventative health and wellness due to her own experience with headaches as a child. Laura found Chiropractic care helped her immensely during those younger years and still does today.

Laura has committed to further education in functional neurology, functional movement and rehabilitation, cranial technique, and paediatric development. Laura is skilled in helping you with your postural concerns, low back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder injuries and general wellbeing. Laura believes that long-term health and wellness is largely determined by the decisions you make and lifestyle choices you create.