Stool analysis – What is in your toilet can provide the clue to your better health.

toiletA stool analysis might not sound like a pleasant thing to do, however it can give us so much important information about you. There is only so much to be gained from discussing ones symptoms- a more comprehensive and objective approach is often needed to determine exactly what needs to be addressed to restore your health. A comprehensive digestive stool analysis (CDSA) is what we call a functional diagnostic test. This means we don’t just use it to diagnose a condition but to determine how various aspects of your digestive system are functioning. The test will determine if there are any ‘bad bugs’ hanging around- whether it be a bacterial infection, yeast infection or parasite. It will diagnose exactly what type of bug you have which ultimately determines the treatment approach.  Different parasites, yeasts or bacteria need different treatments in order to kill them off and not knowing exactly what bugs are present makes it difficult to treat.

A stool analysis also gives us the ability to assess how well your digestive system is able to break down fibre, starch, meat, fats and vegetables. A weakness in one of these areas can cause a multitude of symptoms such as bloating, heartburn, reflux, constipation or diarrhea. We are able to check for red blood cells or white blood cells which will tell us if there is any ulceration, infection or inflammation of the small and/or large intestines. Finding mucous is a marker of high levels of inflammation in the gut wall that can be addressed by making dietary changes and with nutritional supplementation.

Of great value is measuring some of the beneficial flora that fill our digestive tract. A healthy digestive tract of an adult holds somewhere between 1-2.5 kgs of bacteria. Of this, around 80% should be beneficial strains and we will always have about 20% ‘bad’ bacteria. The balance of these bacteria is essential to our digestive health but will also impact immune health. An imbalance can lead to a host of problems such as bloating, gas and bowel changes and can even mean that you are more prone to infections. It can also play a role in autoimmunity, allergies, ADD, autism, depression and anxiety.

10 things a comprehensive digestive stool analysis will tell you:

1- If you have a parasitic infection

2- Whether candida overgrowth is the problem

3- If you have a bacterial infection

4- Your levels of beneficial flora

5- Check for white and red blood cells

6- Wheter there is a presence of mucous

7- How you are coping with digesting fibre?

8- How your are coping with digesting starch?

9- How you are coping with digesting meat?

10- How you are coping with digesting fats?

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Hayley Stockbridge Better Health Naturopath

Hayley Stockbridge
Better Health Naturopath