10 foods to boost your energy

Are you feeling rundown?  Do you keep heading back to the coffee machine, or your favourite coffee shop to get that daily pick me up?  For longer lasting energy boosters, try our top 10 foods that will boost your energy!

1. Bananas

High in potassium (an electrolyte that maintains normal nerve and muscle function), positive sugars, fibre

2. Quinoa

A superfood (a seed, disguised as a grain), a great complex-carb, high in fibre, iron, calcium and magnesium

3. Cold-Water Fish

Like salmon, herring, mackeral: excellent source of Omega-3

4. Seeds

Flax, chia, hemp are a great source of fibre, low GI, and high in energy- giving vitamin B

5. Water

THE most performance enhancing supplement there is!

6. Eggs

Yolks are rich in B-vitamins, the vitamins that convert food into energy, with vitamin D which is great for strong bones

7. Pumpkin Seeds

Great for a natural bolt of energy during a workout!

8. Gogi Berries

Great foe energy & releasing hormones; great for increasing blood flow and improving libido!

9. Chocolate

Opt for dark chocolate or raw cacao for a fabulous source of antioxidants

10. Lentils

A great source of fibre and slow release of glucose, also high in B vitamins iron & magnesium