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Nourishing your Adrenals for the New Year

The silly season has ended and the New Year has begun. There was plenty of festivities as the weather heated up. Our calendars were filled with social engagements and our quiet days were filled with Christmas shopping and cheeky lunch time gatherings. Why not… it was Christmas! But have you ever wondered how our body […]

Naturopathic treatment of Endometriosis

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 Australian women and more then often is it misdiagnosed or even undiagnosed. This chronic inflammatory condition can be completely debilitating to a women’s life, mentally, emotionally and physically. An Australian government report stated that endometriosis annually cost $7.7 billion, with 2/3 of these costs attributed to loss in productivity, as […]

Back Pain in Children

It is not uncommon for children and teenagers to experience back pain. Up to 25% of the children with back pain, experience it for longer than 3 months(1). We know that this, along with other factors such as asthma and headaches in younger years, may be pre-disposing risk factors for back pain in adulthood (2,3). For half of […]

Why should we worry about our Kids Feet? David Wong – Podiatrist

As parents, we worry about our children’s eyes, teeth and other parts of our anatomy. We teach them washing, grooming and brushing their hair. But what do you do about your children’s feet? Their feet are still developing and have to carry their whole body’s weight for a lifespan. Their feet will walk thousands and […]

Does your child have food intolerances? Hayley Stockbridge – Naturopath

Food intolerances are one of the most common causes of health complaints that bring kids into our clinic. Intolerances can cause an array of symptoms that can affect your child’s health and often go undiagnosed in the medical industry. This is largely because food intolerances can be difficult to diagnose without the right testing.