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FOOT PAIN- “oh my aching feet”

We all know when our feet hurt. It affects our mobility, our ability to do exercise, our social activities and impacts on our quality of life. Sources of pain are many and varied, but are in the main treatable and preventable. Causes of pain include: Heel pain or ‘plantar fasciitis’ Joint pain from arthritis Injuries […]

Are your children experiencing heel pain?

Background Heel pain in children may be commonly known as Sever’s disease or Calcaneal Apophysitis. Way back in 1912, James Warren Sever an orthopedic doctor was the first person to describe the condition. Doctor Severs decided to name the condition after his last name. So keep in mind Sever’s disease is not a sinister disease, […]

Physiotherapy following a tummy tuck

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the surgical removal of excess skin, fat and a tightening of the underlying tummy (abdominal) muscles. This is designed to help improve the shape and tone of your stomach region when other options (such as diet and exercise) have failed to work. This can immediately make you look and […]

Poor sleep? Five tips to help stop your bladder waking you up at night  

Both men and women can develop problems with waking up at night to go to the toilet. This can affect the quality of our sleep. Some may leak before they get to the toilet at night, even if they do not have any problems during the day. Bladder problems are more common as we get […]