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Herbal medicines save Xmas Day!

So it’s the time of year when most of us start to feel burnt out, exhausted and stressed. With Christmas just around the corner it can feel as though there is too much to do and not enough time to do it in. In between finishing up at work, present shopping and Christmas parties our […]

Healthy Stress

Fact: Some stress is vital for life.  Without healthy stress your mind and body would simply shut down and wither away. Stress comes in 3 forms: physical, chemical and emotional/mental. For example: Without the physical stress of gravity and movement your bones de-mineralise and joints degenerate. Without the chemical stress of digesting the foods that we eat […]

Fatigue and low energy getting you down? Better Health is running in-house research and can help!

So many of our clients report fatigue and low energy as a primary problem that we want to gather more data about the most common reasons for this. Interested in helping us? Please read on…. While most people report fatigue and low energy as part of their presenting problem, it is not ‘normal’ to feel tired […]

Injury rehabilitation EMG biofeedback assists chiropractic care

For your injury rehabilitation EMG biofeedback will give you real time feedback on how well your muscles are working.   In this article we’ll explore the benefits of understanding your EMG biofeedback and how it can assist chiropractic care. I  hear you say, “I have already had all the tests done.”   Tests such as X-ray, MRI, […]

Get Better Faster: 5 ways people sabotage Chiropractic success

There a a few things you need to understand first: Your problem probably did not just happen overnight. In most cases there have been months to years of cumulative trauma and stress that has brought you to our office. Healing takes time. Whether you are in pain or not doesn’t change how long healing and full repair […]

10 foods to boost your energy

Are you feeling rundown?  Do you keep heading back to the coffee machine, or your favourite coffee shop to get that daily pick me up?  For longer lasting energy boosters, try our top 10 foods that will boost your energy!