Posture – It’s more than you can see!

When we talk about ‘Posture’ the quick assumption to make is that we are merely talking about the idea of whether you stand up straight and tall, head up and shoulders back. While this is a most important part of the story it really does not give us insight into the whole truth of what […]

Tendonitis and Tendonosis: The Four Causes

Tendons are the strong soft tissues which attached your muscles to your bones. They are very resilient, as they transfer all the power generated by your muscles to your bones, keeping you upright and moving. Tendonitis is a tendon injury which may have only been around for a short amount of time. It is defined […]

Migraine Relief

Migraine relief starts with triggers you should be aware of So we know migraines are a neurological event. And we know that there are mechanical triggers for them. But we also know that there are biochemical triggers and emotional triggers. So if we do have a biochemical trigger, why should something like cheese, milk, beer […]

Migraines: What you can do about it in less than 5 minutes (Self-Management Secrets)


Vomiting? Nauseous? Extreme sensitivity to bright lights and sound? Throbbing Headache? Pain that last for days? Can’t perform your daily tasks? Well, if you are experiencing two or more of these symptoms its more than likely that you have a migraine. Read more

The Money You Lose from Not Looking after Your Posture at the Office Will Make You Jump Out of Your Skin

posture 1 posture 2

A vision of the future to come if you don’t take action to rectify your bad posture.

Bad health habits like not looking after your posture in the office throughout your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s – will hurt you physically and mentally, and tax your wallet. Stay far ahead of the game by taking some preemptive steps. Read more

Easy Steps to Fend Off a Headache

headachesHead throbbing? Trouble concentrating? Pain preventing you from doing your work? Before you crawl into a dark room and hide away to deal with your headache, try these steps. These ideas could get you out of trouble and back enjoying the day. Read more

Chronic Pain: Why it is Different & How to Help it Go Away

At Better Health we’re always working with people of different ages and suffering from different types of pain, including chronic pain. That which has been hanging around for over  3 months. Lately I’ve been having to step back and simplify WHY it is that we feel pain. To help patients better understand why not all pain […]

Scoliosis: Why Chiropractic should be your Treatment of Choice

Scoliosis is a condition of the spine, where normal vertical alignment is lost to varying degrees and replaced with side to side curvatures. Standard screening for scoliosis tends to only be sensitive for those children & adolescents who have severe and disabling lateral curves to the spine. Most often, mild to moderate cases may go […]

Scheuermann’s Disease: Case study by Dr Andrew Richards

will carr-F1Scheuermann’s disease is less of a disease as such and more of a disorder. One feature is that the vertebra of the thoracic spine are misshaped in the form of a wedge creating an excessive rounding in the upper back. As with any disorder cases range from mild to moderate to severe and it is the more mild to moderate cases that often go undiagnosed and mismanaged. Ironically it is these milder cases that are most responsive to conservative chiropractic intervention.

People with Scheuermann’s disease classically present with poor posture, the result of an excessive rounding of the mid-back and shoulders causing the head to poke forwards and the lower back to hyper-extend. As a result of this postural distortion a whole range of other injuries, stresses and strains can occur. Most commonly people complain of neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Shoulder and low back injuries are very common amongst the more athletic sufferers.

The mistakes I have encountered in managing Scheuermann’s disease are 2 fold:

Read more

Chiropractic for Back Pain: When is it the right time?

Don't Blame the Tee

Chiropractic for back pain is a great place to start. Having said that, chiropractic when you don’t have back pain is even better. By the time you have back pain it has already gone too far.

Imagine a golf tee, a small piece of wood barely weighing a gram. But when you bent to pick it up after finishing the last hole, it may as well have been a 300kg barbell. You felt your back pop and now the searing spasm is setting in. How could such a little thing cause such a big problem? Read more