Tendonitis – Sydney Chiropractor Andrew Richards discusses

Chiropractors receive extensive training in the assessment and treatment tendon injuries. Tendonitis is a condition in which a tendon is injured and becomes inflamed. Read more

Migraine Headaches

Got-A-HeadacheMigraine headaches are of the most common complaints we see in the practice.

Researchers aren’t sure what causes a migraine; although they know it involves changes in the blood flow in the brain. At first, blood vessels narrow or constrict, reducing blood flow and leading to visual disturbances, difficulty speaking, weakness, numbness, or tingling sensation in one area of the body, or other similar symptoms. Later, the blood vessels dilate or enlarge, leading to increased blood flow and a severe headache. Read more

Spinal disc herniation – “Slipped disc”

A spinal disc herniation is commonly referred to as a “slipped disc”. This description is quite misleading though as the disc cannot actually slip out of place! The disc is actually fused together with the vertebrae on either side. A spinal disc can be squeezed, stretched and twisted in small degrees. It can also be torn, ripped, herniated, and degenerated, but it cannot “slip”. Read more

Low back pain

What is the real cause of your low back pain?

Ironically, some of the most common causes of low back pain are not primary problems of the lower back. Whilst many people present with a low back injury the primary cause or problem can often be somewhere else. While the causes of low back pain can be endless, the 3 big ones that I see daily in practice are: Read more

Chronic Back Pain, Your Brain & Chiropractic

Chronic low back pain is more than  just a muscle or joint problem. There is big difference between the treatment of acute pain (short term, first time and one off) v.s. chronic pain (long term and recurrent). If your back pain has been present for more than 6 months and associated with acute relapses during […]