Injury rehabilitation EMG biofeedback assists chiropractic care

EMG biofeedback

Measuring the balance between the medial and lateral quadriceps

For your injury rehabilitation EMG biofeedback will give you real time feedback on how well your muscles are working.   In this article we’ll explore the benefits of understanding your EMG biofeedback and how it can assist chiropractic care.

I  hear you say, “I have already had all the tests done.”  

Tests such as X-ray, MRI, ultrasound and C/T scans have one VERY MAJOR limitation.

In most cases they are done whilst you are still and therefore do not provide any real time information about what your body is doing in motion. Functional MRI scans are being used more and more but their use still tends to be limited to research facilities. Functional orthopaedic exams can give us some vital clues about our bodies in motion but can lack the sensitivity required to get the best result. This is where an EMG assessment can help provide some vital information about the cause of your problem and the best solution

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Get Better Faster: 5 ways people sabotage Chiropractic success

There a a few things you need to understand first:

  1. Your problem probably did not just happen overnight. In most cases there have been months to years of cumulative trauma and stress that has brought you to our office.
  2. Healing takes time. Whether you are in pain or not doesn’t change how long healing and full repair takes. All healing goes through 3 stages beginning with acute inflammation, repair and finally remodelling. This entire process can take up to 12 months even though in many cases your pain may subside in the early stages.
  3. Treatment does not speed up healing. The goal of treatment is to remove any barriers interfering with the natural healing process taking place and to ensure 100% function is restored. Your body, how healthy you keep it and how much change you are willing to make will determine how quickly you heal.
  4. Adjustments do not put your joints back in place! Your nervous system does that. Adjustments are delivered to restore motion that has been lost and facilitate better neurological function. In just the same way that you cannot stretch a tight hamstring once and expect to resolve a lifetime of flexibility issues one chiropractic adjustment will not restore proper alignment long term.

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