7 sensational ways to get you through stress in the workplace

Tomorrow Is the Deadline!Do you reach for that 3pm chocolate fix? Or for your third cup of coffee for the day? Or a bottle of wine as soon you get home from work? With 3 in 4 Australians saying that workplace stress is affecting their health, it’s fair to say it has affected most of us at some stage. You are not alone! Here are some simple tips to help you get through the day without compromising your health: Read more

My top tips for eczema

Woman scratching her armEczema is one of the most common conditions I treat in my clinic. I see babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults suffering from eczema and most are frustrated with how poorly it is controlled through the standard medical strategies. Medical treatment is typically a steroid based cream, which may improve your eczema in the short term, however can lead to pigmentation and thinning of the skin when used long term. Read more

My Top tips for a healthy Thyroid

Thyroid health is my area of expertise and something I am passionate about, especially because there are so many natural and drug free strategies we can implement to improve your thyroid balance. Below I have outlined my most important tips for a healthy thyroid: Read more

Are you lacking in Magnesium?

Healthy green smoothieMagnesium is an essential mineral that is used by the body in over 300 different biochemical processes- such as energy production, muscle health, heart function, brain function, blood sugar management and as part of our stress response. It is one of the most common deficiencies that I see in clinic because it is used for so many things in the body, it is also very easily depleted. Read more

Naturopathic treatment of Anxiety

Portrait of tired young business woman with laptop computer.Anxiety is a common complaint I see with my patients in clinic. It seems anxiety is at epidemic levels in our society. Many of my patients complain of stress and anxiety, even if it is not their initial presenting problem. Worry, trouble switching off, poor sleep, insomnia and fatigue are all signs of anxiety. You may notice physical symptoms of anxiety such as a racing heart, increased blood pressure, shortness of breath, tightness of the chest, feeling faint, dizzy or ‘out of your body’. Read more

Signs your thyroid might be under functioning


Are you exhausted, gaining weight for no reason or suffering from low mood? Your thyroid may be under functioning.

Hypothyroidism is the most common pathological hormone deficiency and is quickly becoming one of the top most common endocrine disorders. In clinic, I often see  symptoms such as fatigue, slow bowel movements, weight gain, memory problems, depression, anxiety, constipation, dry hair, dry skin and brittle nails. There is a lot  Naturopathic treatment can do to improve these symptoms, and with further testing we can determine the best treatment plan for you. Read more

Have you ever considered seeing a Naturopath to improve your fertility?

Pregnant woman yoga outdoors in summer day on the grass

Naturopathic medicine is a very useful tool for improving your fertility and this is done by following a preconception and fertility health care program. Whether you are having trouble conceiving, or simply wanting to get to your healthiest level before becoming pregnant, naturopathic assessment and treatment has a lot to offer. The aim is not only to improve the chances of conception, but to also improve the chances of a natural and healthy pregnancy, birth and baby. Read more

Top tips to nourish your adrenals and reduce your stress levels

impiegata annoiataAs we are well and truly in the swing of 2015, I have noticed a huge influx of tired, anxious, overworked and stressed out patients walking through my door over the last month. Everyone seems to have knuckled down for the year and is bogged down by their overly busy working week. Many are feeling flat, exhausted, wired and on edge- not a good combination when you have a lot to get through in your home and/or work life. Poor sleep, frequent infections, weight gain, digestive issues and headaches can all result from high stress levels. Read more

Naturopathic treatment of Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory disease of the bowel that leads to ulceration. This in turn can cause a whole host of symptoms such as loose bowel movements and diarrhoea, bleeding, pains and cramping. Nutritional deficiencies, low energy levels, dehydration, muscle loss and poor immunity can all result. Most people with ulcerative colitis feel generally unwell due to the constant inflammatory processes that are taking place in their digestive tract. Read more

Back by popular demand- what you need to know about Food Intolerances

Food IntoleranceI sent out a newsletter almost 1 year ago about food intolerances and it generated a lot of interest at the time. So I thought it was time to send an updated version for those of you who are new to my newsletters or for those who want a refresher!

Food intolerances are prevalent in today’s society. Everyone knows someone with a gluten, wheat, nut, soy or dairy intolerance. As some of you may already know, I frequently test for food intolerances in my patients. This is because time and time again, food intolerances play such a huge role in people’s health and symptoms- I have never had a patient whose symptoms did not improve once they had taken away the troublesome foods. Read more