Tips for staying away from sugary snacks! – Hayley Stockbridge Naturopath


Three apples with engraved hearts on wood backgroundSugar cravings can be a big problem on a busy day at work! Our bodies will crave sugar when we are overworked, bored, tired or need to feel rewarded. It can be very easy to reach for that 3pm sugar hit only to suffer a sugar crash shortly after. Sugar intake can affect your weight, your energy levels, anxiety and stress levels and increase your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease in the long run.

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Magnesium the great!

Products containing magnesiumIf I could run my clinic on one mineral it would be magnesium. Almost everybody no matter what their history, could do with a good dose of magnesium, and would feel better for it.

So why is this mineral so special? Magnesium is an essential mineral for over 300 enzyme reactions and has pages of therapeutic applications. Most naturopaths label this mineral as our calming/relaxing mineral and there is a good reason for that. Not only is this mineral essential for energy production it affects the conduction of nerve impulses, muscle contraction and normal heart rhythm. Read more

The most common causes of infertility in Women

Fertility fitWhen it comes to couples who are suffering from Infertility, it is thought to be due to the women’s health issues approximately 50-60% of the time. There are many issues that can lead to difficulty conceiving in women, and most can be effectively managed using nutritional and herbal medicines to improve your fertility chances. Women experiencing some of the complications listed below are often advised to undergo fertility treatments such as IVF without realising that there is a whole world of very effective and clinically proven naturopathic treatment strategies available. Below we have outlined the most common causes of infertility in women, and how naturopathic treatment can help. Read more

Male Fertility

Fertility fitIt takes just one sperm to fertilise an egg and achieve healthy pregnancy and baby. But did you know that men release between 100-400 million sperm per ejaculate? So why are so many sperm released if it only takes one to fertilise the egg?  This is because sperm must travel an incredible distance from the vagina to the fallopian tubes to meet the waiting egg- which can take between 1-10 hours. Few sperm survive this trip. The few that make this journey then have to penetrate the egg which has a very thick layer making fertilization even more difficult. Sperm are also very easily damaged. Sperm are the tiniest of all cells found in humans with a very simple membrane structure and do not contain the enzymes needed to repair damage like all other cells in the body do. For this reason there are many factors than can damage or destroy sperm and reduce fertility. Experts believe this process allows for only the healthiest sperm to fertilise the egg which provides the best chances of producing a healthy baby. Male fertility can be an often over looked part of getting pregnant. Read more

So you want to get pregnant? Get ‘Fertility Fit’


Fertility fitFertility does not need to be one big guessing game as there are plenty of tests that can be run within our clinic, with your doctor or with a fertility specialist that can access you and your partner’s fertility status before you even try to get pregnant. We recommend that you spend the 4 months before you aim to conceive reaching optimal fertility fitness- this means, being the healthiest you can be. Some of the following tests can be run by our naturopaths at Better Health to gain a deeper understanding of just how “Fertility Fit” you really are. Read more

How to increase fertility with supplements for men and women

Alternative medicine tablets on a wooden spoon, green leaf.Conception involves both the male and female partners equally. This is why it is so important that both you and your partner are at optimal health in the lead up to conception, to ensure you are producing healthy sperm and eggs to give your child the best possible start in life. In this blog we are going to talk about how to increase fertility with supplements Read more

The Gut-Thyroid Connection

why_cant_i_get_rid_of_the_candida_albicans_in_my_gut_1599_xWhat is the link between leaky gut and thyroid disease?

Did you know that in order to have a healthy thyroid you must have a healthy gut? This is because gut health significantly influences autoimmunity. Therefore, patients with any thyroid based autoimmune diseases, such as Graves or Hashimotos disease, really need to maintain healthy gut function. Read more

Top ten foods to consider when trying to conceive

Detox, food, heart.

If trying to conceive is a struggle, or if you suffer from some form of infertility or another, or if you are simply planning to get pregnant, you might want to take a closer look at the foods you aren’t eating.

Here we list 10 fertility superfoods that could better your chances to conceive. We are constantly learning more about the healing power of these foods and their effect on both the male and female reproductive system. Read more

Healthy ovulation – the vital first step to pregnancy

ovulationAll about Ovulation

A woman is born with all the eggs she will require throughout her menstrual life, and it is vital that your eggs are healthy and that ovulation is regular for a healthy and stress free pregnancy to follow. If ovulation is irregular, then your menstrual cycle will be irregular making it more difficult to conceive. So step one is to ascertain when you are ovulating and to optimise a regular cycle where possible. In this blog you will learn more about how to accurately pin point when it is that you actually ovulate. Read more

Get Fertility Fit- By Better Health Naturopathy

GET FERTILITY FIT: Why you should get healthy BEFORE you plan to conceive a baby

The concept behind Fertility Fit is to achieve optimal health in both partners in the months before conception to ensure an easy conception, healthy pregnancy and ultimately the healthiest baby you can have. As the saying goes, it can be too little too late once “the horse has bolted”.

Your health in the 4 months prior to conception will affect your child’s health for life. The DNA in your egg and your sperm is produced long before conception and this is why it is vitally important to ensure you are in optimal health long before you start trying to conceive. Conception involves both the male and female partners equally. That is why it is so important that both you and your partner are at optimum health at the time of your conception and producing healthy sperm and eggs to give your child the best possible start in life. Read more