Most children gain bladder and bowel control by age 4 or 5. At Better Health we strive to improve the quality of life for children, young people and their families who suffer from the consequences of wetting and soiling difficulties, to help them manage or overcome these problems. We believe that no child or young person should suffer unnecessarily because of a wetting or soiling problem. It is important for children and families that suffer from these issues that they are able to receive the support, understanding, information and treatment they need.

Over time, bladder and bowel problems can often correct themselves. However, research has shown that this distressing condition can have far reaching effects on the emotional well-being and social development of children. It can prevent children and adolescents from fitting in, for example by stopping them having sleep overs and attending school trips. Therefore, we recommend that all children over 5 with symptoms should be assessed by a health professional with specialised training in children’s continence.