Chiropractic for Children – 5 Reasons to have your Children Assessed

Chiropractic for children… What’s all the fuss about?

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More and more parents are turning to wellness-oriented healthcare and Chiropractic is fast becoming the popular choice.

In a study of 980 children with various chronic health conditions has found that 71% of the children had received some form of complimentary or alternative health care, Chiropractic being the most common. Many of the parents in this study sought natural, safe solutions for their child’s health as they grew wary of relying to heavily on drugs, surgery and invasive procedures. 1

A child is not just a ‘small adult’! Although the premise of chiropractic remains the same when working with children, we tailor our assessment and treatment to the ever growing and changing little bodies. Children have different needs depending on their age and stage of development. This is all taken into account when applying light and specific adjustments to the more flexible developing spine. Whether you’re hoping to ease your child’s pain or improve their health, chiropractic can help. Many children enjoy their care and look forward to subsequent visits.

Just typing ‘chiropractic for children’ into a Google search returns articles of polar opposite content. It can be tricky and overwhelming at best when trying to decide who you should trust when it comes to your children’s health. Especially if you’ve come to the decision that you want to take a non-invasive, no drug or surgery approach, yet your partner/mother-in-law/best friend e.t.c. has a different opinion! So why should you choose Chiropractic care for your child?

When you’re born, you have 100 billion nerve cells in your brain (the most you’ll ever have). By age one you’ll have completed about 65% of your neurological development and by age two your brain is around 80% of its adult size! Growth and development occurs quickest when you’re little; an infant grows 10x faster than a teenager. That’s why chiropractic for children is such a big deal. Children’s nervous systems are more plastic (or changeable) so interventions achieve better results. By working on an area of dysfunction now, your child may avoid more chronic and longstanding conditions when they read their teens and adulthood.

Treatment of musculoskeletal conditions continues to be the number one reason why children receive chiropractic care. Issues such as sprains and strains, scoliosis and postural correction still are the biggest reason why most people think of having their children checked by a chiropractor.

So what are the top reasons you should consider chiropractic for children?

  • To promote good physical development, especially strong spinal posture
  • To ensure there are no restrictions on ongoing issues following accidents
  • To assess normal growth and motor development
  • To support your child’s general well-being. One study published in the Explore Journal of Science and Healing found that three additional reported improvement in children under chiropractic care were improves immune system function, better sleep and happier dispositions. 2

“You can never overestimate the importance of a good start” – Dr. G Keating & Dr. R Keating (Chiropractors)

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