Get Better Faster: 5 ways people sabotage Chiropractic success

There a a few things you need to understand first:

  1. Your problem probably did not just happen overnight. In most cases there have been months to years of cumulative trauma and stress that has brought you to our office.
  2. Healing takes time. Whether you are in pain or not doesn’t change how long healing and full repair takes. All healing goes through 3 stages beginning with acute inflammation, repair and finally remodelling. This entire process can take up to 12 months even though in many cases your pain may subside in the early stages.
  3. Treatment does not speed up healing. The goal of treatment is to remove any barriers interfering with the natural healing process taking place and to ensure 100% function is restored. Your body, how healthy you keep it and how much change you are willing to make will determine how quickly you heal.
  4. Adjustments do not put your joints back in place! Your nervous system does that. Adjustments are delivered to restore motion that has been lost and facilitate better neurological function. In just the same way that you cannot stretch a tight hamstring once and expect to resolve a lifetime of flexibility issues one chiropractic adjustment will not restore proper alignment long term.

Therefore the reasons you need a treatment plan are:

  1. So that the benefits of successive corrections are not lost between appointments.
  2. So that normal joint motion is restored and maintained throughout all 3 stages of healing. In this way you have the greatest chance of full function being restored.
  3. So that you do not have to waste time and money treating the same injury over and over again

So the 5 mistakes to avoid ensuring your chiropractic success are:

  1. Not finishing your treatment plan because the pain went away. This is the most frequent reason we see someone back in the practice multiple times with the same complaint.
  2. Reluctance to make lifestyle changes in conjunction with your care. Daily habits are most often the root cause of all the complaints we see in practice. Without addressing some of the basic issues we have outlined in the “Healthy living checklist” you can be almost certain that managing your complaint is going to take a lot more time and money or worst still that you may not get a result at all.
  3. Not doing your homework. The reason we give you exercises to work on is to empower you with the skills to help yourself as much as possible.
  4. Skipping appointments. Missing appointments means that progress is slowed, stopped or reversed. It is vitally important to stick with your schedule for the best possible results. Any type of new learning requires repetition and teaching your body to work better is no different.
  5. Being pessimistic. Nothing is more powerful for healing than your enthusiasm in the process and expectation that with work good things will come. You can rest assured, if you don’t think we can help you will be right.

So to get the best results stay positive, stick with your plan of care and make lifestyle changes where you can. That way you will be back on track as quickly as possible!

Yours In Better Health,


Dr Andrew Richards (Chiropractor)