Chronic Pain: Why it is Different & How to Help it Go Away

Infiammazione spalla schiena di donnaAt Better Health we’re always working with people of different ages and suffering from different types of pain, including chronic pain. That which has been hanging around for over  3 months.

Lately I’ve been having to step back and simplify WHY it is that we feel pain. To help patients better understand why not all pain is the same and therefore why there are so many different remedies available.

Everybody feels pain differently and here’s why!

Your brain can amplify or reduce how painful an experience is. This depends on a few things.

  1. What your brain interprets is happening to your body right now
  2. Your perceptions of similar experiences in the past
  3. What state you are in at the present
  4. AND your beliefs about the future impact of what has happened

This means that a certain amount of physical tissue damage does not equal a predictable or measurable amount of agony. Nor does it mean that after tissue damage has healed  the discomfort will go away. An amazing example of this is phantom limb pain – feelings and sensations in a limb you no longer have!

As clinicians we don’t just deal with the physical tissue injury, but also with the other factors influencing the perception and experience of pain, including;

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Fear of discomfort and unease
  • Stress levels & emotional state
  • Posture, spinal alignment and biomechanical load
  • Education

At Better Health we have a team of professionals who all work together to help our patients address many of these underlying causes of chronic discomfort and pain. We understand how frustrating and hard it can be.

Watch this video for further explanation.

Dr Laura Garnett

Dr Laura Garnett