Computerised Assessment of Postural Systems (CAPS)

Poor balance can often go undiagnosed, especially in the younger population. It is so important to our survival that our nervous system has several back-ups built in, which take over if one system is not working at its best. Our visual (eyes), vestibular (inner ear) and proprioceptive (position sense) systems all work together to allow for good balance control. When we are young we are often better able to do this, although as we get older this becomes harder as body systems degenerate and the risk of falls increases. This is especially so in challenging conditions such as rough terrain, lower light, fatigue etc. Also worth noting is that being ‘off-balance’ is so disadvantageous to our survival that often patients experience the co-morbid disease of anxiety or depression with their balance disorder.

The CAPS is a non-invasive specialised clinical assessment technique, used to quantify your balance and postural control. We utilise the CAPS to assist in diagnosis and rehabilitation of your balance control systems. Majority of balance disorders are benign and respond well to specific therapeutic manoeuvres and exercises.