Have you ever considered seeing a Naturopath to improve your fertility?

Pregnant woman yoga outdoors in summer day on the grass

Naturopathic medicine is a very useful tool for improving your fertility and this is done by following a preconception and fertility health care program. Whether you are having trouble conceiving, or simply wanting to get to your healthiest level before becoming pregnant, naturopathic assessment and treatment has a lot to offer. The aim is not only to improve the chances of conception, but to also improve the chances of a natural and healthy pregnancy, birth and baby.

At present it is estimated that 1 couple in 6 is considered infertile, 1 woman in 5 will suffer a miscarriage and 1 baby in 10 is born prematurely. 1 woman in 10 suffers from toxaemia, 1 woman in 5 undergoes a caesarean section and 1 women in 10 suffers from post-natal depression.

This statistics are staggering, and unfortunately on the rise each year. It is thought that many of these issues are related to a Western lifestyle that is not as healthy as our parent’s or grandparent’s generations. We live in a ‘toxic’ society- environmental pollution, polluted water, toxic farming methods, chemicals, radiation and heavy metals are frequent problems. Nutrient levels in the soil are poor, we live sedentary lifestyles and don’t compensate with adequate exercise. Sugar, caffeine, alcohol and food additives are high in our diets. Add onto this the stress of modern life and it becomes obvious as to why our modern lifestyle is affecting fertility levels.

On top of addressing these issues, herbal and nutritional medicines can be used in women to improve and strengthen their hormone health, regulate the menstrual cycle and ovulation, and improve the endometrial lining for implantation of the developing embryo to take place. For men, nutrition and herbal medicine can be used to improve sperm health.

I advise on at least 4 months of ‘preconception health care’ to ensure optimal health of the sperm and egg prior to conception. Sperm can take around 116 days to generate and during this time are easily susceptible to damage. Similarly, the egg is vulnerable during maturation for around 100 days leading up to ovulation. If you have already started trying to conceive and are not having much luck, please be aware that our treatments do need a few months to kick in.

What does Naturopathic fertility treatment involve?

  • Testing- we may need to check hormone levels, heavy metals, nutritional imbalances or food intolerances to gain more information
  • Supplementation- A supplementation program using nutrients and herbal medicines will be tailored to you and your partner’s specific needs
  • Optimising hormone balance and regulating ovulation
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle- involving education around toxicity, rest, relaxation, sleep and exercise
  • Good nutrition and healthy eating instructions for fertility
  • Weight maintenance
  • Detoxification
  • Menstrual cycle charting to track ovulation and timing techniques

Through the use of natural medicines, nutrition, dietary and lifestyle adjustments and cycle charting you will learn techniques to manage your own fertility with the least invasive and safest ways possible- and with the most amazing gift of a healthy baby.

Hayley Stockbridge Naturopath SydneyIf you would like more information on preconception and fertility support,

please email Hayley hayley@betterhealthpractice.com.au