Fatigue and low energy research findings are in!

Fatigue and low energy research results- Why are you so tired?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our study. It was great to have so many people involved and I found the results fascinating. So what was the number one cause of fatigue? The response was overwhelmingly STRESS. And going into this a bit more it was the stress of trying to balance work and family life that came up time and time again.


Number 1 cause of fatigue- Stress 46% 

Number 2 cause of fatigue- B vitamin deficiency 36%

Number 3 cause of fatigue- Poor cellular energy production 36%

That’s almost half of the participants involved showed that high stress levels were the main cause of their fatigue. I can’t say I am too surprised about this. Stress and it’s consequent effects on our physiology is something that I find myself discussing with patients on a daily basis. Stress affects every aspect of one’s health and wellbeing. Feeling stressed is one thing and at times just a part of life. But, for stress to be chronic to the point of spending every day feeling tired, run down, anxious, overwhelmed and in a brain fog is not normal. This is pathological and should be treated….naturally of course!

Interestingly, the number 2 and 3 causes were B vitamin deficiency and poor cellular energy production. These are commonly a secondary result of stress! Being stressed chews up all your vitamin B stores which in turn are a vital as a catalyst for cellular energy production. There is one of the many links to the fatigue that comes as a result of chronic stress.

We have wonderful systems and hence capacities to deal with short term periods of stress for hours maybe days at best. Actually exposure to short term physiological stressors does us the world of good. Stress related systems though are not designed and/or capable of running in the red for extended periods of time. The weeks, months, years and even decades that we push ourselves for all come at a serious cost. Feeling tired, run down and exhausted is just the tip of the ice-berg. Worst still are the many other problems such as:

  • Depressed immunity
  • Digestive dysfunction and disease
  • Emotional instability and depression
  • Joint dysfunction and associated muscular aches and pains

While the obvious solution is to make the lifestyle changes necessary to remove the source of the stress unfortunately this is much easier said than done, especially in the absolute short term. Immediate action needs to be taken to

1) Support the systems that are overworked and

2) Learn how to better manage stress related systems. Moderating the effects they are having on your physiology is paramount as is being in conscious control of when they kick into gear.

So with this new found knowledge from our study we are going to make a start. We have put together a 1 hour workshop called Breath your way to Better Health”. This workshop will go straight to the heart of the problem and the ways your can nurture yourself naturally. The science of breath is an age old wisdom backed by new age science. If you are serious about managing your stress and having more energy and vitality this is a presentation for you.


Date: Monday night Feb 18th

Time: 7pm-8pm

Where: Better Health Practice 170 Parramatta Rd Stanmore NSW 2048

Investment: $10

We only have 30 places so to reserve your spot call us on  9518 0722.

Yours in Better Health

Hayley Stockbridge (Naturopath)