FOOT PAIN- “oh my aching feet”

We all know when our feet hurt. It affects our mobility, our ability to do exercise, our social activities and impacts on our quality of life.

Sources of pain are many and varied, but are in the main treatable and preventable.

Causes of pain include:

  • Heel pain or ‘plantar fasciitis’
  • Joint pain from arthritis
  • Injuries such as sprains, fractures or soft tissue damage
  • Achilles’ tendon pain which is the tendon which connects your calves to your feet
  • Shin splints which is pain along the shinbone
  • Nerve pain which can be felt as numbness, tingling or unusual sensation in your feet or legs
  • Blood vessel blockage from vascular disease
  • Sever’s disease which is primarily in young and physically active people
  • Callus, corns, warts, fungal infections or other skin conditions
  • Ingrown nails, Thickened and damaged nails
  • Structural differences such as bunions, flat feet, high arched feet


Looking after our general health includes looking after our feet, so suitable footwear whether at home or running in a marathon is important. Developing good foot hygiene practices prevents skin conditions such as tinea and fungal nail disease. If you have diabetes, it is recommended to have regular foot checks from a podiatrist to uncover any risks or complications to your foot health.


A visit to Better Health Practice to see your podiatrist will include steps to diagnose the problem. Treatment of pain is varied, ranging from strapping, stretching and strengthening for injuries, biomechanical issues may be resolved with orthoses and footwear advice. Callus and corns are removed, nails are reduced thus effectively dealing with any pain caused by them. Advice on further prevention is given.

So whatever the pain in your feet, we can give you relief today. Call the clinic on (02) 9518 0722