Frozen Shoulder

You do not need to sustain a blow to injure your shoulder. Shoulder dysfunction can appear to happen out of the blue, one example of this is the “frozen shoulder” type injury. This can occur for a range of reasons, including a lack of activity and aging. Studies have shown that due to hormonal changes, people are more prone to non-traumatic shoulder pain and dysfunction as they age. In China, the condition is called the “50 shoulder”, which highlights the role our age (and changing biochemistry) plays in frozen shoulder type conditions.

Inflamed structures in your shoulder can settle down if given the correct position of rest and strategies to avoid aggravating factors. Structured strengthening and rehabilitation programs designed by Better Health physiotherapists will help the shoulder by unloading painful tissues giving them a better chance to heal.
Your shoulder is the joint with the biggest range of movement in your body. Full and proper motion of the shoulder therefore requires intricate coordination of many muscles and joints (particularly of the spine), both large and small. Many of us probably take this muscular collaboration for granted and only discover this if we suffer an injury.

Here at Better Health we are committed to providing you the best possible rehabilitation. We mould our rehabilitative approach around your specific lifestyle requirements so you can enjoy modern life and maintain bodily durability! If you are having a problem with a frozen shoulder call us on 9518 0722 to make an appointment to see how we can help.