Gigi Cumbers

Naturopath & Nutritionist
BHSc (Nat) Adv.Dip.Nut.Med

Gigi grew up in the inner west of Sydney, and has always had a healthy active lifestyle. Inspired by Australian model Miranda Kerr’s natural approach to health and beauty, she chose to study nutritional medicine after finishing high school. She gained a particular interest in fertility and women’s health, after her own health struggles following use of the oral contraceptive pill. This drove her to then study naturopathy to deepen her therapeutic knowledge with the use of herbal medicine. After 6 years of study, including 700 hours of clinical training, it has been her mission to solve the question marks surrounding hormonal issues that the medical model can’t offer many solutions to.

Gigi works to achieve positive patient outcomes by educating clients on how to adapt their lifestyles to improve their health. She understands that life is demanding and busy and likes to focus treatment around finding a balance built between healthy eating, movement and meditation. A naturopathic consultation can be as simple as a health check-up, or work to address things like hormonal issues, skin conditions, digestive disturbances, poor sleep, weight loss, immune issues and food intolerances in men, women and children of any age. She is passionate about women’s health and fertility, as well as digestive health, and believes that holistic treatment sets up patients up with tools they can use every day to improve their way of living.

Additionally, Gigi has a unique interest in supporting patients through preparation and recovery for cosmetic surgery procedures. From her own personal experiences with surgeries and the scarring they can cause, she developed a specific interest in assisting others on this journey. This includes helping to build your resilience going into surgery, and support the processes of healing, recovery and scar formation.