Laser Therapy for Fungal Nails – Simply the best solution out there………….

proximal-subungual-onychomycosis-225851Nearly 15% of Australians suffer from fungal nail disease. It is a fungal infection similar to Tinea pedis that lives on and under the nail bed and nail. These nails, can be hard to be trimmed as it commonly presents as a thickened brittle nail. The nail may turn yellow, brown or white depending on the colony of fungus affecting the nail. As the condition progresses untreated, the nail may become thickened or deformed and the infection may spread to other nails or the skin. Patients who come to see us with this problem describe it as ugly and embarrassing.

Usually toenails are affected more than fingernails as shoes, socks and stockings create a dark moist environment that fungus loves. Until recently, fungal nail infections have been treated with either expensive topical nail paints or lacquers that need to be applied daily for a very long period of time, or up to 6 months of oral antifungals. Sometimes regular blood tests are required to monitor your liver function to ensure that the oral antifungals do not affect your liver function. It is to be remembered that any drug you ingest has to be metabolized by your liver. Results of topical treatments are usually unsuccessful, largely to the amount of time that the application of the topical agent, and low compliancy rates. Success rates for topical solutions are as low as 30%, as often the topical agent cannot penetrate the nail to treat the fungal spores under the nail bed.

Laser Therapy is a relatively new modality in the treatment against Fungal nails. At Better Health Practice we use Arc fox ClearNail  laser, currently considered the most effective and proven laser treatment for fungal nails. Current studies have concluded that laser results in a success rate of up to 80%.

With less side effects the laser treatment takes approximately 1-4minutes per toe nail. There is no ‘down time’ or ongoing treatment at home required on the actual toe nails.  With greater convenience than traditional treatments this procedure is becoming the treatment of choice.

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