Live Blood Cell analysis – Jordan’s weight loss journey

jordanLive Blood Analysis- What is it, what does it tell us and how did it benefit Jordan’s weight loss journey?

Live Blood Analysis is a simple technique that gives you on-the-spot information about your health. Using just one drop of blood from the finger (or toe for kids) we are able to assess a whole range of health signs. The procedure differs from conventional blood testing as we are using ‘live’ blood. This means that the drop of blood is placed immediately under the microscope and viewed live on screen. You are able to see things such as your red and white blood cells active and moving around. As blood only lives out of the body for around 20 minutes, this gives a great snapshot of how your blood is functioning whilst still in your body. Your blood being responsible for transporting things such as white blood cells, oxygen, nutrients and waste products around the body gives us a wonderful insight into your overall health.

 A live blood analysis is not a tool used to diagnose disease. It’s a screening tool used to inform us about your overall health status, not what disease someone may be suffering from. It is better referred to as the practice of functional medicine as opposed to pathological medicine known as “Pathology”. A live blood cell analysis can give us insight into areas of your health such as:

–          Inflammation

–          Nutrient levels such as B12, folate and iron

–          Antioxidant status

–          Liver function

–          Digestive health- such as stomach acid levels and gall bladder function

–          Immune health

–          Allergies

–          Toxicity

–          Dehydration

MicroscopeWhat are the benefits of Live Blood Cell analysis?

Live blood analysis has many benefits. Firstly it is a fantastic educational tool to help you learn about how well your biochemistry is performing and what your body needs for good health. It allows you to track the progress you are making and view the changes made at a cellular level. It is fantastic motivation to see in a concrete way that your health is improving. But most importantly, it enables us to identify areas of your health that need improving which may not have been identified by a history of your symptoms alone. For example, most people won’t show symptoms or signs that they need extra antioxidants nor can you always feel if your liver is functioning optimally. Identifying such factors means that lifestyle and diet advice can be specifically prescribed for your health. Live blood cell analysis is ideally all about finding out what is going wrong before your get sick NOT after!

How did a Live Blood Cell analysis benefit Jordan’s journey?

Jordan did his first blood analysis right at the beginning of his weight loss journey with the help of  Mark Stephens at Think Slim in March 2012. At this time his weight was at an all time high of around 300kg. Click here for a link to his first interview on channel 9’s A Current Affair. What showed up for Jordan and with no surprise were problems with his liver function, severe dehydration and severe inflammatory signs. Each of these three factors can affect anyone’s ability to lose weight. Due to the huge weight loss that Jordan would achieve over the following 18 months, it was important that we were able to manage his health and ensure his body was up for the challenge. For instance, our body stores waste products and toxins in fat cells. This is to ensure these waste products are not metabolically active and free in our blood stream. As soon as Jordan started to lose fat, these toxins are released into the blood stream and it is up to the liver to break them down and remove. If this process of detoxification is not working efficiently enough, not only will fat loss be inhibited but Jordan will feel increased sickness, nausea, lethargy and other symptoms such as headaches. When undertaking a journey in live-blood(1)weight loss feeling unwell whilst it is going on especially in the early stages can be massively demotivating ton say the least. The better someone feels, especially in the early stages the more likely we are to get on a roll.

Follow up testing has shown a huge improvement in all three of these areas for Jordan. While Jordan’s liver still needs some work, his inflammatory levels are back to normal and his hydration levels are much better. It has given us a fantastic tool to both monitor and manage his progress.


Hayley Stockbridge Better Health Naturopath

Hayley Stockbridge Better Health Naturopath

Hayley Stockbridge is a Naturopath at Better Health Practice in Stanmore, Sydney. She has been using Live Blood Analysis for over 5 years in her practice and finds it to be a most powerful tool for assessing health. If you are interested in having a screening done, please check out the website below or email her for more information.

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