Migraine relief starts with triggers you should be aware of

So we know migraines are a neurological event. And we know that there are mechanical triggers for them. But we also know that there are biochemical triggers and emotional triggers. So if we do have a biochemical trigger, why should something like cheese, milk, beer or wine cause a migraine in one person and not the other? Is it because you lack particular enzymes to break down those particular foods? Or is it due to the fact that you nervous system has become sensitised to those foods enhancing the dilation of the blood vessels? Is it because certain food contain histamines causing an inflammatory response? Research shows that all of the above is likely to be happening. In the end though, migraine relief should come from addressing the cause, not masking the symptoms

What we look for when it comes to migraine headaches

What we look for is what makes that person’s biochemistry more sensitive to those triggers than somebody else. So essentially we need to go back a step away from the trigger and ask ourselves “why does that set of a reaction in the nervous system in the first place”? This is what a naturopathic and chiropractic assessment goes into look for. What is making your nervous system so sensitive?

Restoring normal function is the key to improving migraines

If the nervous system is jacked up and acting crazy to things it shouldn’t, how can we bring balance? Is it simply better to avoid those particular triggers altogether? What areas need to be boosted up and given some retraining? What areas need to be dialled back a notch? This fine tuning of your nervous system & biochemistry and can mean the difference between regular migraines that are intense, frequent and last days to ones that are mild, occur barely ever and only last for a short duration.

Don’t reach for the pain medications first

In today’s society we are so use to reaching for the medications as a first step when your body is setting off the fire alarm. The million dollar question is why are the alarms going off in the first place? Pain is your body’s way to alert you that something is seriously wrong and that you need help! So ask yourself, do you think it’s wise to take the batteries out of the fire detector or put tape over your check engine light? Do you think by masking the symptoms with pain medication that the problem is gone? The answer is no!

Our chiropractors and naturopaths at Better Health find the cause of the problem. By working to restore these issues, only then can you expect to start seeing changes in frequency, intensity, duration, quality of life without rushing for pain relieving medication.