The Money You Lose from Not Looking after Your Posture at the Office Will Make You Jump Out of Your Skin

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A vision of the future to come if you don’t take action to rectify your bad posture.

Bad health habits like not looking after your posture in the office throughout your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s – will hurt you physically and mentally, and tax your wallet. Stay far ahead of the game by taking some preemptive steps.

If you are lax with your posture working eight hours a day, years on end, we know that it can lead to bone decay down the track, which can cost you thousands of dollars.

What’s more, people with bone decay from a life of poor posture have higher chances of developing depression, anxiety and feelings of helplessness. What’s worse is that these people also have problems performing normal daily activities and can lead to a higher incidence of days off from work.

Your move – Easy Steps to Prevent Bad Posture

  • Get up and move regularly (every 25 minutes or so).
  • Invest in a desk that allows you to move between sitting and standing positions (Varidesk).
  • Stretch daily by performing activities such as yoga or pilates.
  • Eat healthy because we know that keeping your weight down causes less stress and strain on your muscles and joints.
  • Commit to regular chiropractic maintenance to keep your spine in the best possible alignment

Here at Better Health Stanmore, we here to help you move well, eat well & think well.

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