Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine

Our Approach to Naturopathy and Nutrition

Naturopathy  and nutritional medicine  are holistic forms of health care that aim to improve the health and well-being of people through the use of natural medicines and lifestyle modification. They recognize the body’s own ability to heal itself under the right conditions.

Our naturopaths and nutritionists aims to treat the underlying cause of disease to achieve optimum health that may be compromised by lifestyle choices, dietary imbalances or genetic predisposition. Focus is on the prevention and the earliest possible detection disease. Education plays a major role in each consultation as we always strives to empower our clients to take health into their own hands.

When bodies need some extra support we appreciate that while there are a myriad of supplements, herbal remedies and other changes that people can recommend there is only one particular program that will work for you. This is where our laboratory testing makes all the difference. A thorough examination process, along with supportive testing, by a qualified naturopath and/or nutritionist allows us to know exactly where we need to start as well as the ability to monitor progress and fine tune your plan along the way. We have developed working relationships with other medical professionals and off-site laboratories so with us you will never be at a dead end in managing your health.