Worried that you have scoliosis? Here is what you should do next…

scoliosisAre you seeing some problems with yours or your children’s posture? Not sure what to do about it?

Here are some things you can look for that might suggest you or your loved one may have scoliosisOne shoulder is higher than the other

  • One shoulder blade sticks out more than the other
  • One side of the rib cage appears higher than the other
  • One hip appears higher or more prominent than the other
  • The waist appears uneven
  • The body tilts to one side
  • One leg may appear shorter than the other

How many of these can you see? If you see even one of these features it firstly suggests that there is some postural dysfunction and warrants further investigation. But if you are seeing 2 or more then it may suggest that your child has scoliosis. In this case it is incredibly important that you take your child to a healthcare professional.

Chiropractors look at spines daily and are experts in detecting postural abnormalities and scoliosis

When you visit your local chiropractor they will:

  • Take a thorough history
  • Check your posture for signs of dysfunction and hallmarks of a scoliosis
  • Perform special tests to check for scoliosis (Adam’s Test)
  • Check each individual bone of your spine
  • Take X-rays to confirm if the scoliosis is “Structural or a Functional”
  • Diagnose and show you the best way to manage the problem moving forward
  • Refer for orthopaedic evaluation if scoliosis is severe

Your next steps and first point of call

  • Find a local Chiropractor in your area
  • Call and book in for a Full Initial Examination
  • Start treating the problem ASAP to prevent further progression