Shockwave for Shin Splints

shockwave for shin splintsShockwave treatment is quickly becoming the treatment of choice for chronic tendinopathies such as those involving the shoulder, elbow and foot. We are now seeing evidence that shockwave therapy has useful applications in the treatment of shin splints. Research conducted by Phillip Newman at the University of Canberra was recently reported on in the Sydney Morning Herald about this very application. 

Here at Better Health we have the very latest in Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT), the Swiss Dolorclast system which is also supported by numerous studies. This system was trialled for 2 months in house by our Podiatry, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy departments before the purchase was made. During that time we were very impressed with it’s effectiveness in treating chronic injuries that had failed to resolve with conventional approaches such as rest, soft tissue work and massage, mobilisation, exercise rehabilitation, acupuncture and ultrasound therapy.

So if you have tried all of this and more and are still struggling with shin splints please contact us on 9518 0722 to for a full review of your injury to see if shockwave therapy may be able to help you recover from shin splints.