Winter Immunity 101

It’s almost winter, so you know what that means? All of the colds, flus, sniffles, bugs you name it, are on their way. If you have small kids in school, you know this already. Work in a big office? Well they’re probably lining you all up for the flu shot.  It’s time to boost your winter immunity.

Everyone braces themselves at the first sign of the cool winds, and the colds and viruses seem to come thick and fast.  

So our aim of attack is to keep your adaptive immune system strong. This means supporting natural killer cells and lymphocytes to help develop new antibodies. Our environment is always changing and this is why we must allow our immune system to adapt and change too.  

What we want:  

For you to recover quickly 

To support your body’s resilience and endurance  

For your defences to allow you to surpass 9 out of the 10 bugs that gets sneezed, coughed and blown in your direction 

For your winter immunity to be at it’s best

What we don’t want:  

For you to come down with everything and anything  

You to be out of the count for weeks on end

For you to never get over the cold or flu that you get 

Here are some tips to build your winter immunity: 

  • Eat smarter  

Its no secret that food is also medicine. The diet is our first port of call for nutrients. During the colder months, favouring nutrient rich foods will help reduce or even eliminate your need for supplements. Focusing on vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, vitamin A and also vitamin D. Vitamin D is a huge for immunity, and your levels start going down as soon as the cooler months begin. Try Gigi’s Onion Immune Syrup as a simple home remedy!

  • Stock up on some immunity favourites 

There are a few herbs and nutrients that can prevent the onset or severity of a cold if taken at the first sign of getting sick. They work by modulating your immune system. Remedies that our naturopath Gigi likes to prescribe for that first sign of getting sick contain andrographis, echinacea, zinc, vitamin c and medicinal mushrooms.

  • Hydrate 

 Keeping hydrated will help cover fluid loss from coughing and runny noses. Drinking warm teas and broths will help provide nutrients to keep you stronger. Drinking warm tea with the classic combo of garlic, chilli, ginger and lemon helps raise the core temperature a little, fight bugs and reduce inflammation. 

  • Rest and restore 

Give your immune system a chance to do it’s job and rest when you feel under the weather. Remember that convalescence is an important part of getting better too, so allowing a day or two to rest and regain your energy will do you a world of good.  

  • Don’t go it alone 

Book your 15 minute immune review with Gigi now so you’re prepped for the cooler months