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When should you use ice or heat – Suzie Williams Better Health Physio discusses

At Better Health we often get asked should I use ice or heat for sore muscles and joints. After suffering from any injury, inflammation (which causes swelling) immediately goes to the damaged area to start the repair process. Whilst this swelling is important in tissue healing it can be excessive and cause increased pain and decreased function.

Back pain and your pelvic floor – Sydney physiotherapist Suzie Williams discusses

Weak supporting muscles of the pelvis and low back are often a cause of back pain and injury. To make matters worse we know now that with persistent back pain these muscles tend to switch off even further. While it is hard to find out whether a weak pelvic floor is the cause or effect […]

Morning heel pain – Sydney Podiatrist David Wong discusses

Do you ever wake up with severe heel pain, especially when you take your first few steps out of bed in the morning? Commonly, heel pain is caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia. This is a ligament, a tough band of tissue that supports the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone […]

Shockwave therapy – Sydney podiatrist David Wong explains

How does shockwave therapy work (ESWT) on heel and arch pain? Shock Wave Treatment or ESWT (“E” standing for extracorporeal) stimulates your natural healing process by increasing blood supply and breaking up calcium deposits within tendons and ligaments. A high-speed sound wave is generated within the shockwave gun. This then penetrates through the skin and […]

Heel pain – Sydney Podiatrist explains Shockwave therapy and the treatment of heel pain.

Shockwave therapy kicks start the healing response. Known as extracorporeal shockwave therapy, this involves firing mechanical shockwaves into the sole of the foot to jump-start the healing process. The idea of using shockwaves to break up kidney stones has been around for 20 years or so, but only recently have we realised that it can also help […]

Physiotherapy & kinesio tape

Q: Why are so many athletes in the Olympics wearing kinesio tape? The tape you are referring to is known as Kinesiology Tape (or Kinesio Tape) and has become very popular amongst athletes and practitioners. It was developed by a chiropractor, Dr Kenso Kase, in the 1970s but became an overnight sensation in 2008 during the […]